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Famous Quotes

Having a perfect wave without a good board, it's like winning the lottery right after your wife died.

Chris Mauro

It started out with a gathering at my house and my wife Janie's house. We had an idea to try to do something for the families involved in the second stage relief effort... we decided in the beginning that we wanted to have the kids involved because Hollywood actors and Broadway actors do fund-raisers. So we invited each school to submit one act.

Bill Strauss

With a wife approving her husband's salary, it appears that this board's stamp is really just a rubber stamp,

Chuck Grassley

His mental state is very good. In fact, this morning he asked his wife Tabitha to read him the report of the Red Sox game.

Chuck Gill

My wife, Kim, and I want to show that we care about the fans. Reaching out to the community is very important to us. It's not just about baseball.

Casey Fossum

When a man has married a wife, he finds out whether / Her knees and elbows are only glued together.

William Blake

My wife knew, but don't mention that because they'll probably put a spell on me and I'll disappear in a cloud of smoke. But you can't keep it from her -- I'm at home yelling out these voices. My wife must be an idiot if she didn't recognize this is book four. But she didn't read it.

Jim Dale

I was honored and delighted by his support and the support of his wife,

Chris Kelly

It didn't change a lot of things. It didn't change friends or my relationship with my now-wife, or family.

Casey FitzRandolph

My husband and I stood for Norm and his wife when they got married.

Betty Clark
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