iQuotesFamous Wordpress Plugin

Want to display famous inspirational quotes on your wordpress site? Well look no further, we have a free plugin just for that. Our quotes plugin comes bundled with over 300 famous quotes to move and inspire your website visitors. Your visitors will be able to tweet quotes, which link back to your site and increase traffic for you. Also, you can add, remove and/or remove as many quotes as you'd like from your wordpress admin panel...and more!

Here is a preview of how the widget will look on your page. The appearance will vary based on the theme of your WordPress page.
Free Download: 


This plugin allows you to display our best inspirational quotes in the sidebar, pages and posts of your wordpress website. SImply activate the plugin, add the widget and it’ll show a different inspirational quote each time a page is loaded.


  1. Upload the iquotesfamous-quotes folder to your `wp-content/plugins/` directory or upload the using wordpress's built-in plugin upload feature. 
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add the widget to your sidebar menu in WordPress.
  4. Manage the quotes using “iquotesfamous quotes” menu in administration panel.