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Famous Quotes

It's a good place to start. It was a wonderful way to participate in the science and math community.

Qin Ma

I think the graduate students in science take these rankings very seriously. We work tirelessly here to provide an individual education to our students. If anything, we've gotten better. We certainly have not gotten worse.

Jeff Kelly

It is certainly a distraction. I don't think it slows down the science substantially. ... People make discoveries. People make drugs.

Jeff Kelly

I'm really excited for her, but I am not surprised. She is very curious about everything, but especially about science. She was my top student all the way through. And, I like her sense of humor. It's a little offbeat.

Russ Jones

We supported East River Science Park. We supported the United Nations tower. We're not an anti-development board. But we do want planning input. We don't look kindly on commercial, nor on buildings taller than the U.N. Secretariat.

Edward Rubin

If you like science fiction shows, this is a good season ... pod people everywhere this fall.

Daniel Fienberg

India has very good teachers, especially in math and science. Also, these subjects are culture-free so it is comparatively easy for Indian teachers to teach them. Online tutoring is an area which shows enormous potential for growth.

Kiran Karnik

If any religion can be proven through science, it hasn't yet. It's faith. So we should be talking about the things that bind us.

Shea Brown

An inborn tendency toward science turning it into a lifelong commitment.

Bruno Rossi

Cosmic ray is the worst name. Because people think it's something out of science fiction.

Scott Nutter
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